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 [FMJ]Razor.inc increased of manager role!

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[FMJ]Ben Mitch
Management & Scripter/Mapper
Management & Scripter/Mapper

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[FMJ]Razor.inc increased of manager role! Empty
PostSubject: [FMJ]Razor.inc increased of manager role!   [FMJ]Razor.inc increased of manager role! EmptyWed Dec 25, 2013 3:40 am


As already know as myself from manager due to  accidents dont mean by forum/account deletions meant by the order and ruling system. With already know about me from what i said on resignation reasons to why resigned etc (10th December 2013) but meant about disability, yes I have learning difficulties which explains how FMJ server is at 75 slots and still running and course will be. Anyway my management are 50% stable unless my brain confuses me which happens.. some may understand depending what country from.

As all know manager ra[z]or.inc skilled with communication skills, investigations skills, authority skills so be coded that FMJ needs more stable person as top manager to avoid confusion of the order rules. Ra[z]or.inc will be above manager of the clan from now, Myself wont be returning as manager, managing just complication for me i missed a few responsibilities from 2010 few abuse cases that were apparently missed way back.

New superior now named and likely wont come surprise to some anyway as for scripting will remain as already learning new funtions as such and long way to go still.
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[FMJ]Razor.inc increased of manager role!
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