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[FMJ]Ben Mitch
Management & Scripter/Mapper
Management & Scripter/Mapper

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PostSubject: FORUM RULES   Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:02 am

All that register are expected to be friendly, respectful and fair to everyone. All topics/posts not to be flooded. When making a topic or post and want to add something else or edit a mistake you must use your current post. Do not make a new post if not been replied to same goes for topic.

No sites or servers that relates to advertising  + illegal sites are not to be posted, All images may decide to post are to be appropriate images and not an image that discriminates a person/s, and not one that is found rude. When making a application either for entering the team, changing your registered ingame name, making complaints or unban appeal be requested to have patience and wait.

Punishment actions:

1. Flooding a topic/post

2. Advertising a site/server or sending an illegal site

3. Bullying,abusing,insulting


Discrimination punishments:

1.Bullying a person/s disability

2. Bullying a person/s skin colour or there location

3. Bullying a person/s sexuality


Communication towards current FMJ STAFF:

If found bullying,insulting any current FMJ staff = FOREVER FORUM BAN + THREAT TO THE COMMUNITY

If by any chance any is successful in ban evading by register a new account more then 3 times in less of 24 hours would result in the forum being forced to not accept any new registrations for 1 week.


<Please check rules regularly in case may be updated>

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