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 Alien is Banned

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Alien 1

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PostSubject: Alien is Banned   Mon Oct 28, 2013 2:45 am

I'm banned by [FMJ]Assasin_Blood because Ghost and Airod they think i use mod auto-aim.It isn't realy.
Uban me pls.
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[FMJ]Ben Mitch
Management & Scripter/Mapper
Management & Scripter/Mapper

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PostSubject: Re: Alien is Banned   Mon Oct 28, 2013 8:30 am

If please now use the new appeal section, http://fmjclanteam.nstars.org/t33-unban-appeal-format.

Once made, the administrator that made the ban will provide a statement and piece of evidence that was pictured/recorded of the ban made, and from your message regarding other names mentioned would include witness statements from the witnesses which would likely also be included on your unban appeal which would be requested for you to make when you will be available.

Since you were banned from an FMJ administrator you will have to wait untill a statement and evidence has been replied + then management will decide on your appeal on the statement/evidence provided on the appeal made by you.

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Alien is Banned
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