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 Update - FMJ hosted (bugs 100% unknown

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[FMJ]Ben Mitch
Management & Scripter/Mapper
Management & Scripter/Mapper

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Update - FMJ hosted (bugs  100% unknown Empty
PostSubject: Update - FMJ hosted (bugs 100% unknown   Update - FMJ hosted (bugs  100% unknown EmptySun Sep 02, 2018 9:25 pm

FMJ server from beginning Police VS Terrorists now ready, which is way to soon and probably completely bugged but hopefully not is now hosted, I have decided to use an old admin script which not by me but a previous 1st scripter and person who owned the gamemode from beginning, possible bugs team kills and rewards from kills. I haven't managed to test the team kill and reward kill possible bug because the pc im using wont start gta sa I have to use my old 2 computers which I can only use 1 because both need to be charged when on I would have to buy another charger, so hopefully I can fully test FMJ gamemode likely next Friday/Saturday.

As I said this FMJ gamemode likely full of bugs hopefully no more compared to what it was like the first time FMJ used the gamemode so see how it goes, FMJ be hosted for 6 months depending  on its popularity.

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Update - FMJ hosted (bugs 100% unknown
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